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The Supporting Star: Mother of the Bride

Guest blogger: Xochital Gonzalas, Always a Bridesmaid

album boutiuq mother of the bride postWhile the bride is the star of the show, the Mother of the Bride is the Academy Award Winning Supporting Actress. She can be supportive, comedic and infuriating ALL at the same time. But she is also the bride’s biggest champion and cheerleader and no one (not even your planner) wants it to be as perfect as she does….she’s been dreaming about this day since the day you were born.
While I can’t tell you what your mother might want for mother’s day, I can tell you some great ways that my clients have saluted and honored their mothers at their weddings over the years:
•    Having Mom walk you down the aisle: In Judaism, both the mother and the father of the bride (AND the groom) walk their children down the aisle. Even if you are not Jewish, this is a beautiful custom that many of our clients have borrowed over the years and it gives her a chance to really shine.
•    Inviting Mom to do a reading: This is a wonderful time to give your mom a chance to be a part of your ceremony where perhaps she might not otherwise be.
•    Dancing with your Mother: If you were raised by a single mom, there isn’t any real reason why you have to forgo the parent dance. We’ve seen several brides take their mom to the dance floor for really special, meaningful moments. It’s surely a memory that you will never forget.
•    Changing into their mother’s dress: While most brides today DON’T wear their mother’s wedding gowns, a number of clients have taken their mom’s dress and had it re-worked into a gorgeous (and sometimes even Sexy) 2nd dress or rehearsal dinner dress. What a special way to honor your mother!
•    Give into the really small stuff: Maybe it’s the veil (which it is OFTEN the veil, the Tiara, whatever) or maybe it’s having favors or maybe it’s some really, really trivial thing that you don’t understand WHY your mom cares so much. Take a breath, sleep on it, and consider compromising. In many ways, there is NO better gift as far as the MOB is concerned.
There are a slew of wonderful blogs that offer up advice and insight to BRIDES, but for any of you mom’s reading, The Album Boutique blog will be offering up POVs from MOBs in the coming weeks and months.
Xochital Gonzalas is one half of the dynamic event  design and planning team Always a Bridesmaids in NYC. She and her business partner Mayra Castillo work throughout New York in lofts, tents, and ballrooms giving couples unique, fun days. Their Top rated blog, Always a Blogsmaid is rated one of top 10 wedding blogs. Their work has been featured on the Style Network and Bride’s magazine.

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