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A New Concept In Bridesmaids Dresses

Guest post by Bridesmaid Trade

Bridesmaid Trade is a creative neAlbum boutique wedding tips w organization where people trade in their bridesmaids dresses which can then be rented; here are 5 reasons why you should use this inventive new service:

1. Your bridesmaids will look beautiful: The dresses in our rental line are classic and chic, in a range of flattering cuts and in colors easily incorporated in a variety of wedding color palettes.

We chose popular dresses from J.Crew and Ann Taylor, two trusted names in bridesmaid dress design.  The dresses are constructed of high-quality materials and are impeccably tailored.  We also love the unique touches that make these dresses memorable. Two of our favorite features are the embellished shoulders on the black Ann Taylor dresses (below) and the chiffon overlay of the J.Crew Sophia dress (above)

2. It’s easy:  If you’re the kind of gal who likes to keep things simple, what’s easier than reserving the sizes you need, having your bridesmaids look beautiful on the Big Day, and then dropping the dresses in the mail a couple days later?  For brides with a bridal party scattered across the US, renting dresses is a convenient option that saves everyone time. If you appreciate a streamlined process, or have bridesmaids who might, renting bridesmaid dresses is a great option. We’re always happy to answer questions at

3. It’s affordable: A new bridesmaid dress can cost between $150-$300.  For young women working to balance new careers, families, or the end of college loan deferment, every dollar counts.  With costs between $30-40 per dress, our rental line is perfect for the bride who wants to be budget-savvy without sacrificing style.

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4. It’s green: If you track your wedding’s carbon footprint as closely as you do the budget, renting dresses is one more way your celebration can be a reflection of your values.  We believe we’re a great fit for a bride whose focus is on a joyful event with a careful eye to including items that can be reused or recycled. We’re also committed to products and vendors that focus on environmental sustainability.

5. It’s one less dress: Every day we hear: “I wish you’d been around when I was a bridesmaid!  I never wore any of my 27 dresses again!”   The truth is that if your heart is set on matching or coordinating dresses – and that’s awesome! –your bridesmaids will no doubt look smashing in the wedding party, but will probably end up with a dress that’s just not quite their style. When you rent dresses on Bridesmaid, you get the look you want, your leading ladies look amazing, and no one needs an extra walk-in closet full of once-worn dresses!

We hope you’ll check out their website, where you can buy and sell dresses, at

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