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Wedding Albums and Frames make the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Album Boutique mother's day giftsSearching for that perfect present that says “I love you, Mom” is always a challenge.  Do you send a card with flowers, take your mom out to eat or find her something that you think she needs?  Instead of struggling with this decision-making, or settling for the usual ho-hum gift, it’s easier and more exciting to give your mom something she really wants: the wedding album you promised when you walked down the aisle!
A wedding album is something you’ve always meant to do for your mom, but life got in the way.  Good news! There’s still time to make your mom happy!

As Mother’s Day approaches, clients often ask me about creating a wedding album for their mom.  I’m no longer surprised to hear this question, even when there are just three weeks until Mother’s Day, and the couple got married more than three years earlier.  Mother’s Day seems to remind them that there’s a project they never got to.  I say: just do it — now’s the perfect time!
If you have already narrowed down your pictures and can upload them this week, we will rush to provide you with an album for your mom.  If you still have some selecting to do, either watch our how-to video or sign up for our blog to get instructions.  These tutorials will help you organize and select your photos in no time.  We will do our best to accommodate the time crunch.
If there’s not enough time to complete the  album production, you will definitely be able to show your mom the creative album design we’ve done for you via email, and this will surely be received far better than a card.
As another option, our frame collection offers another (even faster) way to share the love.  A framed print is the perfect gift with a quick turnaround, so there is no excuse not to make mom happy.  Frames come in four styles with six different molding options. Prices range from $55 to $110.
Here’s a great gift idea: choose four of your favorite images from the wedding and order a wall folio to be delivered direct to mom’s door.  Picking four images for a wall frame is much faster than deciding on every image you want in your wedding album, and it offers the promise of the album to come.
Make mom happy this year!  Get your wedding images off your hard drive and into your mom’s hands.  She’ll love you for it!

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